November 21, 2017
    Communicating to young professionals - keep it concise

    Study offers language tips to attract up-and-comers to events


    Young professionals want their information to the point and not overdrawn, because their reading time is limited.

    This is among the findings in the recently released part two of a generational study focusing on the attitudes of young professionals, conducted by the Center for Exhibition Industry Research, Dallas.

    When crafting marketing messages, the study's findings indicate that in terms of influence, believability, relevance and likeability, the language that best resonates with young professionals speaks to the interest that give them the chance to "engage," "interact" and "experience" an event.

    Based on this study, messages about events should be brief, to the point and clearly articulate the value to young professionals, as well as are respectful and do not condescend. Some suggestions:

    - provide reviews from people who have either attended in the past or know about the type of event you are advertising
    - emphasize "learning about the latest"
    - explain networking and career-building opportunities
    - avoid complicated or overdrawn messages
    - avoid cliches and jargon
    - do not discuss awards the senior industry professional is going to receive
    - do not use the word "seminar," it is something your grandfather would attend; make an insurance seminar, for instance, sound like a rock concert.


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