December 17, 2017
    Nominate a TRENDS Leading Association Lobbyist!

    Association TRENDS is now accepting nominations for the TRENDS 2014 Leading Association Lobbyists. Please pass this notification onto to your colleagues and friends in the lobbying industry, as well.

    This distinction is meant for an on-staff lobbyist of an association that is eligible to lobby, or a lobbyist who is hired to represent such an organization, such as a member of a lobbying firm or an independent lobbyist.

    Who should be nominated

    Any association executive whose job it is to lobby: CEO, GR executive, legislative director, etc., or a lobbyist hired by an association.

    This is not a distinction for someone who is new to association lobbying. 

    Past recipients of this distinction include Tom Kuhn, president, Edison Electric Institute; Steven C. Anderson, CEO, National Association of Chain Drug Stores; Jim Clarke, public policy VP, ASAE.

    Who should make nominations

    Colleagues, peers, Hill staff members, and anyone involved with the lobbying industry, including those who are usually the ones being lobbied. 


    All nominations are kept confidential; if you wish to be known to the nominee, you must say so in your nomination.

    The complete nomination includes:

    Association(s) the lobbyist represents
    Firm (if applicable)
    Email and phone number

    Accomplishments: Please list two clearly identifiable major accomplishments in the past two years, i.e., authored a bill that became or is poised to become law; able to turn the tide on a measure; assisted in getting a change of policy or regulation that helped his or her industry, the act of lobbying itself, etc. Brevity is best.

    Comments: Tell us why you believe your nominee should receive this distinction. Mention character, reputation, activities related to industry, etc. Brevity is best.

    Recommendations: At least two. The nomination itself is one recommendation; please include at least one other professional recommendation or a contact to whom we can reach out regarding the nominee. Recommendations from the association's volunteer leadership are welcome but should not be entered in place of a recommendation from a professional peer or colleague. Brevity is best.


    Finalists are selected from nominations.

    Only finalists will be notified that they are under consideration.

    Finalists will be asked for more information as needed, and will undergo a brief interview.

    Successful finalists will be notified via email.

    Nominators will only be notified if their nominations are successful.

    The selection process is confidential and will not be discussed with anyone, including nominees and nominators.



    Deadline for nominations is noon Sept. 2, 2014. 

    Nominees will only be notified if they are selected as finalists. Nominators will only be notified if their nominations are successful.

    Send nominations to or for questions, contact E. Francisco Dalere,

    Association TRENDS