December 17, 2017
    Communications News in Brief 8/16/13
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    American Veterinary Medical Association, Schaumburg, Ill., created a new video game for children 4 to 8. "AVMA Animal Hospital" takes place at a virtual veterinary clinic. Players must race the clock as they learn about each animal's condition, diagnose its ailments, and provide treatment. By successfully diagnosing and treating each animal, players will earn points and level up from new veterinarian to chief veterinarian of the hospital. The game is available for free through Apple's AppStore, Google Play and AVMA's website,

    Direct Marketing Association Nonprofit Federation Government Affairs Committee seeks member volunteers who are interested in politics and policy, and advancing the interests of nonprofit organizations on Capitol Hill and in the states. To volunteer, contact Alicia Osgood at

    U.S. Postal Service announced changes to its Priority Mail line-up, including free insurance, improved USPS tracking and day-specific delivery. The changes are expected to generate more than a $500 million in new revenue over the next year. Details:

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