December 16, 2017
    Social News in Brief 4/30/12
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    Brand USA, the U.S. government's tourism marketing agency, unveiled a comprehensive marketing campaign at U.S. Travel Association's annual meeting, International Pow Wow, April 23 in Los Angeles. The campaign will employ, among other media, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages that will showcase promotions and engagements.

    An article at reports that research by Tina McCorkindale, PhD, Appalachian State University, found an organization must learn to keep individuals who “liked” its Facebook page engaged, especially if those fans comprise the “millennials” – individuals 18-to-29 years old. Researchers discovered successful use of social media goes beyond being “liked” because the demographics may be contrary to an organization’s strategy. In addition, merely being ‘liked’ may overestimate an individual’s true affinity for the site. “It’s not about the number of people that like your page, because they may not be the right people, and they may not really like you, they may just do it because of pressure from friends,” McCorkindale said.

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