December 14, 2017
    COO promoted to CEO at New York restaurant association

    Melissa Autilio Fleischut was named CEO at New York State Restaurant Association, Albany, succeeding Rick Sampson.

    Fleischut joined the association in 1998 after a working for the National Restaurant Association’s government affairs department for four years. In 2012 she was named COO at the New York group. She has been a key liaison with many industry affiliates and in the past few years, has been heading up the association’s ongoing successful “snowflake logo” rebranding and marketing efforts.

    Rick Sampson has been CEO for nearly two decades. Sampson’s father Fred held the position before him for more than 30 years. Rick Sampson is not retiring, but will focus on growing specific association programs.

    Fleischut already is working with the board and membership on a strategic plan with help of strategic consultant Ken Hutton, Hutton & Co. Details:

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