November 20, 2017
    Nonprofit CFOs earn more in Chicago vs. DC

    Association finance directors and staff attorneys will find better salaries, on average, in Chicago. But for other top positions in the organization chart, Washington executives fare better.


    A comparison of the TRENDS 2010 Compensation Report for DC-Area Nonprofits and the Association Forum’s 2010-11 Association Compensation and Benefits Survey shows Chicago association finance officers received on average about $145,000, with a median of about the same. DC association CFOs received just under $137,000, and that is after a 6.98% jump from 2009. The median was a little above $130,000, a 3.75% jump.

    However, DC offers higher association executive salaries between the two association headquarters hubs. According to the TRENDS DC report, the group average was just shy of $300,000 for chief staff executives. This is a difference of 2.45% from 2009. The 2010 median was about $270,000, up 4.27% from last year.

    The Forum’s survey found the average for chief executives in Chicago is not quite $220,000, and the median is nearly $190,000.

    Another position in which Chicago payroll bests DC is association staff attorney, where Windy City attorneys receive almost $175,000 on average. Staff attorneys in the nation’s capital are compensated at $157,000.

    Deputy executives in DC received an average $190,000, compared with just over $170,000 in Chicago.
    Chief administrative officers in Chicago received on average nearly $75,000, where Washington administrative directors were paid about $125,000.

    Both surveys have detailed information on compensation of staff positions from executive to administrative support. The Forum survery also has information on benefits. To obtain the Forum’s survey, go to www. Association To get the TRENDS 2010 Compensation Reports, go to the Store section of

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