December 11, 2017
    More execs booking flights 2 weeks out for lower prices

    Price of domestic ticket down 19% from last year; 4-year low for international travel


    The number of business travelers who book domestic airline tickets 14-20 days in advance increased 10 percent in 2013 as compared to the previous year, according to a new Travel Leaders Corporate report.

    Travel Leaders Corporate said the data from its clients’ annual business travel bookings shows that, on average, those travelers saw a 19 percent lower price on the cost of their domestic airline ticket vs. those who booked less than seven days in advance. 

    However, the group says the biggest shift has been away from booking travel arrangements 21 days or more in advance, potentially to avoid an airline’s domestic change fee while also taking advantage of lower fares that are offered 14 days or more in advance. 

    In addition, the data also confirms that the average total cost of an international business trip has reached a four-year low, Travel Leaders Corporate - a division of Travel Leaders Group -says.

    Travel Leaders Corporate said that in 2013, the number of clients booking their airfare in the 0-6 day range increased by 1 percent, and remained relatively flat with clients who booked in the 7-13 day range.

    The results indicate that most business travelers purchased their airline ticket 14-20 days in advance, with the fewest amount of business travelers purchasing their airline ticket 21 or more days in advance. 

    In addition, the data also indicates that the average cost of an international trip last year, – including combined air, car and hotel – has reached a four-year low, a trend Travel Leaders Corporate identified in mid-2013. Clients paid on average $2,461 in 2013, as compared to $2,508 in 2012. Details: 

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