November 20, 2017
    How to use mobile CRM to achieve 6 strategic business objectives

    Real business value is being achieved through the use of mobile CRM across all kinds of industries, including nonprofits


    With each passing day, mobile customer relationship management becomes increasingly more embedded in day-to-day business activity. In fact, almost 90 percent of executives say that within three years, mobile devices will be critical to their company’s success.

    As recently as a few years ago, we would not even consider leaving the house without our wallet or purse. Now, smartphones and tablets go with us everywhere and keep us connected from anywhere.

    But those mobile devices are being used for more than just chatting and updating social media. We are seeing real business value achieved through the use of mobile CRM across all kinds of industries.

    Recently, BroadPoint, a CRM provider, teamed up with other members of the CRM Software Blog to create a white paper that discusses some real-world applications of mobile CRM. “Why Go Mobile? Six Strategic Objectives You Can Conquer With Mobile CRM” describes how organizations use mobile CRM, including how mobile technology can help association executives who might need member information in a hurry. The paper also describes how other industries use CRM, which might be applicable to your association, as well.

    Download the paper here.

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