November 22, 2017
    Membership 101: What IS "engagement," anyway?

    This is an excerpt of a blog post by Elizabeth Engel, CAE, CEO and chief strategist of Spark Consulting. Read the entire post here.

    Association membership professionals, particularly in the last several years, talk about engagement A LOT.

    We want our members to be more engaged. We want to measure engagement. We want to score engagement. We want to reward engagement.

    But what are we actually talking about when we deploy this (over?) used term?


    …That requires relationship-building, both between the association and each member and between the members themselves….

    The temptation, though, is to get wound around the axel of technology and being able to track and score and assign points and automate workflows and make pretty pie charts and bar graphs and LOSE SIGHT OF THE PEOPLE….It’s OK to be a real person in your interactions with them and to encourage them to be real with each other.

    Part of that involves understanding your – and your association’s – place in their lives….You’re probably more like the friend they meet for coffee a few times a year when they need something specific or have something specific to share. And that needs to be OK with you.

    Your association needs to be sensitive to those cycles and ready to meet your members where they are with what – and only what – they need from you at that time and place….

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