December 16, 2017
    Your education events rock! Tips on how to let everyone know

    Tips to greatly increase your chances of having an incredibly successful meeting

    By Scott Oser | 09/22/2017

    I am confident that you hold a number of education events each year that are definitely worth attending. You put a ton of time and energy into the development of these events so people should be knocking down your door to register, right? Unfortunately even the best event in the world may have challenges getting the attendance numbers you know it deserves. Here are tips to greatly increase your chances of having an incredibly successful meeting in the near future. 

    Don’t neglect your website!
    Almost every marketing activity that you undertake should direct your audience back to your website. Your website is the hub that contains all of the different details that an attendee, an exhibitor, a speaker or any other audience that you reach for your meeting needs to know. It is critical that your website is well designed, user friendly and always up-to-date.

    Don’t be a one trick pony!
    We no longer live in a world where you will succeed by contacting your prospects through any one marketing tactic. In today’s world where marketing is everywhere and people do have preferences, it is important that you implement a multimedia approach to your marketing.   

    Don’t forget what you already do!
    Associations communicate with members in multiple ways. We have e-newsletters, magazines, journals, speakers, exhibitors and sponsors, webinars, conferences, chapters, social media, etc. Before  paying for external opportunities to market your events look at what you already have and determine how you can use those opportunities to drive attendance. 

    Don’t send everyone the same message!
    Your attendee marketing is going to be much more effective if you define your target markets and message them accordingly. There are going to be different pieces of your meeting that will appeal to different pieces of your audience so it is important to “speak” to these people about the areas they will find most interesting. 

    Don’t ignore tracking data!
    Tracking is essential because if we don’t track there is no way for us to know what is working, so we don’t know what to do more of, less of or even to stop doing altogether. Use source/promo codes on direct mail pieces, unique URLs on ads and email blasts or even match responses back to marketing efforts just due to the timing of the effort. 

    I am confident your learning events are worth attending. Please use these tips to make sure your prospects know it as well. 

    Oser is president of Scott Oser Associates. Contact him at

    Want more on this topic? Oser will present the deep dive session on "Marketing & Membership Deep Dive - Maximizing Member Education Program Participation: Knowing Exactly What to Teach and How to Promote It" at Learnapalooza, Oct. 3-5 in Crystal City, Va.

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