November 18, 2017
    Membership News in Brief 7/16/15
    Association News: 

    CVS Health Corp. will leave the U.S. Chamber, citing the chamber’s global lobbying campaign against antismoking laws. CVS last year stopped selling tobacco products in its stores, said the lobbying activity ran counter to its mission to improve public health. The chamber defended its efforts, in a statement, saying it is safeguarding its members’ business interests: “To be clear, the chamber does not support smoking and wants people to quit. At the same time, we support protecting the intellectual property and trademarks of all legal products in all industries and oppose singling out certain industries for discriminatory treatment.”

    Virtual Management is offering a free guide on 10 Strategies for Making the Most of Remote Board Meetings. The guide covers how to make the most of technology and avoid common platform problems; engage each member and avoid losing interest to endless updates; and maximize time and shorten meetings by being proactive. 

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