December 11, 2017
    10 collaboration tech tools to make volunteers happy
    By Beth Ziesenis | 10/29/2011

    Unless you’re employed by the Association of Do-Nothing Trust Fund Babies, the volunteers who serve on your committees and boards are probably busy, successful professionals who are challenged to find time for the important work they do for your association. Here are 10 outstanding (and free!) collaboration tools that will streamline communication and save your volunteers time and energy.

    Schedule a meeting without email tag
    Ever heard the old joke, “How many emails does it take to schedule a committee teleconference?” Stop the email volley of trying to find a time to meet by using Doodle (, an online meeting scheduler. Without ever entering your email address or any personal information, you can set up a grid of possible dates and times for meetings. They generate a link for both your admin view and the participants’ responses. Also try or

    Bring everyone to the table at once
    Hold a virtual committee meeting with free desktop-sharing tools such as In just a couple of minutes, you can start an online meeting for up to 250 participants with online chat, a free teleconference number, multimonitor support and more. And for just $29 a month, you have more tools, including a meeting scheduler (great for presenting educational webinars!). Plus, check out desktop-sharing capabilities of Skype ( and Yugma ( for smaller committees.

    Stop chasing down attachments
    Keeping track of document versions can be challenging when you distribute and collect info via email. Use your free Google account to share documents via Google Docs ( for easy online collaboration. Changes and collaboration are tracked, making it easier to hold volunteers accountable for their tasks.

    Manage projects like a pro

    People who earn degrees in project management know their way around Gantt charts and resource assets to manage really big projects like building a rocket. But for those of us who simply need to launch a new website, high-priced project management software is overkill. Try a do-it-yourself platform such as Basecamp ( or Pelotonics (, both of which have basic free versions. These project management systems let you set up milestones, add people to projects, assign tasks, share files and track emails - perfect for a project that involves several volunteers and lots of coordination. Can’t live without your Gantt chart? Try

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