December 17, 2017
    2011 association technology trends identified

    At the recent ASAE Technology Conference in Washington, Cort Kane, COO, designDATA, and Jim Kelly, CEO, Syscom Solutions, outlined the top technology trends they project associations will adopt in 2011. Among them are:

    Cloud computing. "I think this is the future for associations small and large," Kane said of the latest trend in virtualization.  "The future of computing is going to be on the cloud."

    Context aware computing. Using members' information listed on social media sites such as Facebook (with access approved by the member, of course) can create important statistics, demographics and even prospective members for an association.

    Ubiquitous computing. The trend in 2011 will be to fit machines into the environment and comfort level of employees. There will be an increase in allowing employees and volunteers to choose their own computing platforms to enable portability. Some association CIOs reported already having policies in place to allow employees to select their own technologies for business products.

    The Apple Store concept. There will be heavy emphasis on IT customer service, with unlimited product/device training available (for a price), and an IT services app store, where consumers can download applications that will be able to perform all of their needs, as opposed to having to call the IT company every time there is a change.

    Reverse consumerization. Associations will have to begin to actively use and promote new technologies, including smartphones and iPads, for business transactions and presentations. Details:

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