November 23, 2017
    Information and technology, and 3 points to create website loyalty

    The future of information disbursement is in technology


    The future of information disbursement is in technology, according to Politico editor-in-chief and cofounder Jim Vandehei. As a keynoter at the recent Public Relations Society of America annual conference in DC, Vanderhei said he foresees that the "days of freeloading good journalism are over" and that "people will pay for quality content."

    He said there are three things that must be understood about today's information environment: the way people get information is "exponentially more diffuse," we're in the "age of niche," and people are "excruciatingly fickle" about how and where they get their information.

    Even a few years ago, readers would go to just a few places to get their information, such as the Washington Post or the Wall Street Journal. Today websites such as the Daily Caller, the Daily Beast, Huffington Post, as well as blogs are just as - if not more - popular. Today's technology can also track how people get to their information sites, then deliver "with absolute precision" ads or messages to that reader. Politico, which currently is supported totally by advertising, will start this type of niche marketing next year.

    Vanderhei gave three points on how to attract and retain visitors to your site:
    1. Be exceptionally clever. Provide essential information or make your site a great experience.
    2. No clutter on your website.
    3. Play with Twitter, Facebook and other social media "because that is where people are getting their news."

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