November 21, 2017
    Top 5 benefits of cloud computing
    By Nicholas Vossburg | 11/23/2012

    Cloud computing is dramatically changing the way organizations use technology. Gone are the days of expensive server-based solutions that required expensive hardware and software that were out of date the moment they left the shelf.

    One of the most effective cloud technologies is Microsoft’s Office 365, which provides organizations with Microsoft’s most popular server and office applications for a low monthly fee. This includes Office Professional for PC, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and the new Lync Online messaging and collaboration tool. How can this technology benefit an association?

    5. Green IT. According to an IDC report, in-house servers consume up to 80 percent more power than the power sipping datacenter solutions hosted on the cloud. Each server you eliminate from your network can eliminate up to four tons of carbon dioxide per year!

    4. Mobility. Businesses have evolved into a “post-PC” world, as staff, members and partners demand access to data and applications on their smartphones and mobile devices. Cloud computing, such as Office 365, is built from the ground up as a mobile solution. You will have access to documents, emails and data from any mobile device with an Internet connection. Unfortunately, that’s also eliminating the excuse “I left it at the office…”

    3. Remote access. Looking to expand your organization to the next city or state or country? That’s easy on the cloud. In addition to accessing services via your mobile device, technology like Office 365 is also built to provide access to services for PCs anywhere with an Internet connection. This eliminates the need for complex and expensive solutions like terminal servers and virtual private networks to access email, documents and collaboration services.

    2. Latest software. Change is good, but it can also be expensive. Many organizations are forced to wait to adopt the newest software and features until budget permits. In the Office 365 example, the software purchasing model changes by moving Microsoft customers to a subscription fee vs. a onetime purchase.

    1. Cost savings. Organizations can save 70 percent or more on their annual IT expenditures by leveraging cloud technologies. How is this possible? It’s the same concept as building a car in your garage or writing a check to the Ford Motor Co. Organizations can now stop buying new servers and software every three to five years, and then paying a staff member or company to maintain and support these environments. When compared to the cost of cloud computing, such as Office 365, over five years, this adds up to a significant costs savings.

    Vossburg is the co-founder and CEO of CloudBearing LLC, a Microsoft Cloud Accelerate Partner and Cloud Champion. To learn more about CloudBearing or Office 365 go to

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