December 17, 2017
    Technology News in Brief 8/23/13
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    American Veterinary Medical Association, Schaumburg, Ill., created a new video game for children 4 to 8. "AVMA Animal Hospital" takes place at a virtual veterinary clinic. Players must race the clock as they learn about each animal's condition, diagnose its ailments, and provide treatment. By successfully diagnosing and treating each animal, players will earn points and level up from new veterinarian to chief veterinarian of the hospital. The game is available for free through Apple's AppStore, Google Play and AVMA's website,

    National Music Publishers' Association, Washington, filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Fullscreen Inc., alleging the multichannel network on YouTube is illegally using unlicensed musical works. NMPA and Maker Studios, another MCN, have agreed in principle to a settlement regarding similar copyright issues. Once finalized, NMPA's settlement with Maker will enable music publishers and their songwriting partners to be compensated for past infringement and license Maker going forward. In February of this year, Fullscreen signed a publishing agreement with Universal Music Publishing Group. Details:

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