December 16, 2017
    Technology TRENDS News in Brief 11/10
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    ASI Get Smart Association for Competitive Technology, Washington, joined in an amicus brief in US appeals court seeking reversal of certain key holdings in Rosetta Stone Ltd. vs. Google Inc. The filers of the amicus brief contend a US district court applied the wrong standard on the issue of dilution of trademarks. The filers also challenge Google's interpretation of "functionality," an element of the law intended to prevent a person from claiming trademark rights in 'functional' product features. Details:

    Association for Career and Technical Education, Alexandria VA, has released "Expanding Career Readiness Through Online Learning," a paper that describes the growth and significance of online courses and how career and technical education is supporting this work. The paper marks the beginning of ACTE's Career Readiness Series, which will concentrate on how elements of the career and technical education system support students' academic, technical and employment skill development. Details:

    John Ragsdale, technology research VP, Technology Services Industry Association, San Diego, will write a new monthly column for on the key trends in customer service technology. Ragsdale's column will discuss the technology behind customer service and support operations, based on real-world facts and figures garnered from TSIA research. Details:

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