December 17, 2017
    And the winner is…?

    Will you be among the Who’s Who in the association space on Feb. 23? Thinking Aloud, by Ed Dalere

    By Ed Dalere | 01/26/2017

    This will be an exciting year of firsts for the TRENDS Salute to Association Excellence, Feb. 23 at the Capital Hilton in Washington.

    At this year’s Salute, we’re changing the format of the All Media Contest segment. Instead of announcing the winners beforehand, we are taking a page from the entertainment industry’s book and announcing the gold, silver and bronze winners at the Salute. That’s fitting: The Salute is often informally called the Oscars of the association community.

    With the move to the announcement of the winners at the Salute, we hope to build the suspense a competition like the All Media Contest deserves. Is your association among the finalists? Do you know an association that is? Which entries will be the gold winners? The only way to know immediately is to be in the Capital Hilton ballroom on Feb. 23. REGISTER today!

    But, you can find the finalists in this issue. Each year, the judges say, “This was the hardest yet to pick winners,” and that holds for this year. When we have the winners gallery ready, you’ll see why. All of the entries in each category this year are remarkably strong.


    Honorees who have already been announced and also will be feted at the Salute include the Association Executive of the Year Dawn Sweeney, CEO of the National Restaurant Association; Association Partner of the Year Loretta DeLuca, FASAE, CEO and founder of Delcor Technology Solutions; the Leading Association Lobbyists; and the Young & Aspiring Association Professionals.

    Given the recent heightened awareness of women’s issues, it is notable that, by coincidence, strong and well-regarded women executives have been named the top executive and top partner in the same year - a first! Also a first: Women dominate the current class of Young & Aspiring Association Professionals honorees.

    The TRENDS Salute to Association Excellence is THE independent honors event for the entire association community. To be among some 500 of the association’s space’s luminaries, as well as your peers and colleagues, REGISTER today! The Salute routinely sells out.

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