December 18, 2017
    Big day for the administration, but assns have something to say about it

    Plus, more on Membership2020. Thinking Aloud, by Ed Dalere

    By Ed Dalere | 05/04/2017

    What a day for the administration: President Trump signed an executive order that eases the Johnson Amendment, which controls political expressions by C3s, and rolls back an Affordable Care Act provision to supply access to birth control for some groups. What that order doesn’t do is codify a business’ or person’s ability to deny services to LGBTQ people, which was in an earlier draft that was leaked to The Nation. 

    Trump also won the day for the GOP’s version of healthcare reform, which is an attempt to rollback the Affordable Care Act.

    Yes, he fulfilled those two campaign promises (sort of) but I would not characterize them as victories.

    The executive order, in its final form, did not have the bite that some had wanted, which was to codify a business owner’s or an individual’s prerogative to refuse service on religious grounds. ASAE has been fighting these types of laws and bills since Indiana passed a Religious Freedom Restoration Act a few years ago. 

    My thought is, President Trump’s advisers wisely counseled him to let the matter be handled in court, as no one would be completely satisfied by an executive order on such a divisive issue.

    Also, the AHCA was passed by a very slim margin, and carried no Democrat votes. A bill that doesn’t have even the smallest amount of bipartisanship attached to it doesn’t look good going into the Senate, where concerns over the bill run on both sides.

    The Senate should listen to all the voices of associations that have and will weigh in on this issue. Somewhere in that mix is the right compromise that the Affordable Care Act never achieved.


    Panelists still are needed for the discussion on millennials at the Membership2020 event, June 26 in Washington. Organizers are looking for outgoing professionals who are younger than 34. Also:
    * 1-4 years professional experience
    * outgoing, good public speaker
    * available mid-day on June 26, near Farragut North metro station
    * are a member of a professional association, have been previously, or would possibly consider it in the future.

    If you are interested, contact Linnae O’Flahavan at


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