November 23, 2017
    Do we have some terrific events for the association community!

    Plus, get your nominations ready. Thinking Aloud, by Ed Dalere

    By Ed Dalere | 07/13/2017

    It’s great to be back after our annual July 4 week vacation. We're all rested and ready to bring you the best information in the association space.

    First, TRENDS sister division, Thompson Grants, has launched possibly the most extensive site for grants opportunities, GrantScape. If your organization seeks grants funding, you must check out this new invaluable resource.

    In the past week ASAE announced 98 new CAEs. Congratulations to them all, especially Allen Haney, a past TRENDS Association Vendor of the Year, and Bryan Harrison, a past TRENDS Young & Aspiring Association Professional. For the entire list, click here.

    In the fall, a new event sponsored by Association TRENDS will launch: Learnapalooza, a three-day event (including a deep-dive boot camp) focused on education by associations. As you can guess, the name is derived from the popular annual music festival. Education sessions, demos, activities and networking opportunities will be bound together by the music theme. Top experts in the education field will discuss such topics as selecting an LMS, or creating learning environments that will return high ratings. If you’re looking to raise your education to the next level, you won’t want to miss Learnapalooza! Click here for details.

    But before Learnapalooza we will offer another event: the second annual Nonprofit Finance Summit. This event was launched successfully last year in Washington, and now it’s going on the road to Chicago in September. Not a repeat of last year’s event, but a whole new line-up of finance topics important to the nonprofit finance professional. Click here for more details and to register.

    Finally, next week PR expert extraordinaire Adele Gambardella-Cehrs will lead a TRENDS webinar on “How to Take a Stand in Real Time…and Win: Smart PR strategies for raising the visibility and value of your association brand.” Adele has been successfully guiding, advising and coaching companies and associations through PR crises for years. Now she will demonstrate the best tactics for associations to use to get out in front of any potential PR emergency situations. Prepare your association, because the day will come for you to stand your industry’s ground! Click here to register!

    Pretty soon we will be opening up the nomination process for the TRENDS honors: Young & Aspiring Association Professionals, Leading Association Lobbyists and the return of the TRENDS Tech 10. Be watching TRENDS in the next few weeks for the official announcement. The newly revamped Nonprofit CFO of the Year Awards already are open for nominations. For details and to nominate, click here.

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