December 17, 2017
    E-communication: Thoughts from the past have relevance still

    John Kelly is a columnist for the Washington Post and a former staffer at the former Greater Washington Society of Association Executives (now the Greater Washington Network of ASAE). In a recent column, Kelly discussed his early experience at setting up something newfangled - in 1985, anyway - called "electronic mail" for GWSAE.

    Kelly is honest - self-deprecating even - about how unsuccessful this endeavor was.

    "The thing was a bust. Members complained that when they went online there wasn’t much there. Even I wondered how much value there was in paying to read on your computer the articles that were in the GWSAE magazine that people had just received. (That was about the only thing I could be depended on to upload.)"

    Does that resonate today with many of you?

    Kelly's memories can be brutal, as well. Check out his description of fam trips.

    But Kelly's thoughts on effective electronic communication from almost 30 years ago still apply for associations. Read the full column here.

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