December 16, 2017
    Executive Voices: Still the world's best app

    Having your entire brain work together

    By Rhea Blanken, FASAE | 12/24/2013

    Successful leaders know their accomplishments are directly correlated to their communication skills, their delegation and deployment skills, and their use of resources to accomplish their goals. They appreciate that they cannot possibly know everything they want to know, nor everything they need to know, but they know where to find that knowledge. Leaders know the value of thinking both by themselves and with others

    In a world where each day hundreds of technological applications are exploding onto our hand-held devices, and into our cars – we must remember we are still the same human beings with the same brains we had when the Industrial Revolution transformed our society from agrarian to industrial. We were the same when we moved into the Information Age where knowledge was king. Now we are in the Conceptual Age and its demands on our brains’ capacity have increased yet again.

    Today’s world finds us in an entirely new paradigm. Innovation, inventions and change that once took decades to manifest across society are filling our lives at a rate never before experienced. These technologies demand we apply ourselves to reap the full value they provide. They require we use both the logical left side and the creative right side of our brains. It’s those using their entire brains that will rule the future – not Dan Pink’s belief that it will be right-brainers only. Successful leaders utilize the benefits of the insights and results derived from leveraging their left- and right-brain competencies.

    But what does that mean and what does that look like? According to current writing:
    - Left-brain thinking includes: Logical, sequential, rational, analytical, objective, looks-at-parts, verbal, Linear, targeted direction
    - Right-Brain thinking includes: Random, Intuitive, Holistic, Empathic, Synthesizing, Context-over-Content, Subjective, Big-Picture, Imagination, Creative

    Now more than ever, leadership has been made more complex by the demands the Conceptual Age puts on what our brains can create and manage. The accomplished leader has the vision and forethought to inspire, motivate and generate those around him or her with a sense of purpose, a clear goal to accomplish and a targeted understanding of the need for individual efforts and team endeavors. Appreciation for our entire brain – for what it can imagine and propose, for what it can organize and analyze, with all the expertise it can provide, with all the multi-tasking capabilities it can sustain – our entire brain is the best new app!

    The late great Henry Ernstthaal once defined leadership:
    · To have the political skill to cope with conflicting requirements of multiple constituencies.
    · To grasp the relationship to larger realities.
    · To think longer term.
    · To reach & influence constituencies beyond your jurisdiction, beyond boundaries.
    · To put heavy emphasis on vision, values and motivation and understand intuitively the non-rational and unconscious elements in the leader/constituent relationship.
    · To think in terms of renewal versus acceptance of organizational structure and process.

    Blanken Consulting/Results Technology. She is a strategist facilitator, executive coach, creative problem-solver, and speaker, using "inside the box" resources to deliver "outside the box" strategic results. Creative Consultant to IMEX. Contact her at


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