November 17, 2017
    How do your email campaigns measure up?

    Informz releases annual report; open rates increasing, mobile use decreasing


    Informz released its fifth annual report on association email marketing benchmark data and the sixth association email marketing benchmark report.

    Four key metrics are used in this report: delivery, open, click and unsubscribe rates.

    - Delivery rate remained consistent at 98 percent year over year.

    - Open rates increased by 4.25 percent, from 34.04 percent to 35.49 percent.

    - Click rates were overall lower in 2014 compared to 2013. Click Rates are influenced by the relevance of the message, the creative layout, and the placement and size of call-to-action links.

    - Unsubscribe rates remained favorable at .05 percent for 2014.

    For overall email metrics: The average email metrics for associations include a 98.34 percent delivery rate, 35.49 percent open rate, and 15.87 percent click rate.

    For overall frequency: 72 percent of email subscribers were sent one to five emails per month; however, subscribers that were sent six to 10 emails had slightly higher open and click rates.

    For email client type: Mobile usage has dropped slightly and desktop usage has returned to the most frequently used email client type. Details:

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