November 20, 2017
    It was 20 years ago today...

    I have been at TRENDS for that long! Plus a sad anniversary. Thinking Aloud, by Ed Dalere

    By Ed Dalere | 06/15/2017

    (It actually isn't exactly on June 15, but we know it was close to this date when I first started at TRENDS.)

    Twenty years ago, President Clinton was still in the White House, Saturday Night Live was still good (but not as a good as the original Not Ready for Prime Time Players, we all keep saying) and you could find me in such D.C. standard night spots as 930 Club, Ireland’s 4 Ps and Champions – depending on the night and on my mood.

    Back then I was looking for a change, professionally, and someone told me about an opening she thought would be a good fit. Indeed, it was at a newspaper for associations – I cut my teeth working for several associations by then, including the National Newspaper Association, Institute for Transportation Engineers and The Retired Officers Association (now MOAA). Also, I had copy desk experience at a D.C.-area daily. I would be the top editor, and I liked the sound of that. 

    So I went for that job as managing editor of Association TRENDS. What was supposed to be only two years on my five-year plan became two decades of watching a community grow while I grew to love it.

    Things definitely have changed these past 20 years: TRENDS went from being pasted-up with rubber cement (see my first issue, inset), to full-fledged desktop production, to becoming one of the earliest online publications in the association space. We went from a company newsletter at the start, to a broadsheet by the time I arrived, and then after the acquisition by Columbia Books & Information Services, we went back to magazine size and format.

    The brand also has taken off in the past seven years with CBI, and I feel so lucky to see that happening around me. TRENDS has become a major supplier of education and other pertinent information in the association community. The Salute to Association Excellence, always THE event in town, has become even more glossy and glamorous. The Associations Team at CBI are consummate professionals and really know their stuff.

    Thanks to all of you – too many to name everyone – for making the past 20 years an experience I wouldn’t change for the world. I especially want to thank TRENDS former publisher and owner Jill Martineau Cornish, IOM, for initially hiring me and guiding me through the path that I am on now, and to CBI president Joel Poznansky for the opportunity to carry on the TRENDS mission – bringing seriously useful news and information to association leaders. - Ed


    Sadly, June 15 also marks a tragic anniversary in TRENDS history: On this day 27 years ago, TRENDS founder Frank Martineau died in a plane crash. Frank started TRENDS as an in-house newsletter for his association clients of the former management company Martineau Corp. His newsletter eventually became an industrywide publication by popular demand. Frank was THE "assn watchdog." He told it like it is, or at least the way he saw it, which was always on the mark. He always told people (I'm paraphrasing here), "You might as well talk to us, because with or without you, we're going to press." Frank was an original, and therefore TRENDS is an original, among, if not the oldest independent news source in the association space. 

    RIP, Frank Martineau, CAE, APR, 1921-1990.

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