December 18, 2017
    Learning from the All Media Contest

    Also, when deciding on meeting sites, assns need to know their constituencies: Thinking Aloud, by Ed Dalere

    By Ed Dalere | 01/12/2017

    The winners of the TRENDS All Media Contest will be announced in a couple of weeks. This year’s competition features three new categories: best advocacy campaign, best new app and eLearning & live training. These categories have generated a lot of interest.

    But there will always be the perennial popular categories, too, such as most improved magazine or journal. This category is a favorite of mine and many, as it shows how a publication has changed over the course of a year. Many lessons and ideas can be taken from another association’s experience in changing up their publications. Another category where we’ve seen much change in is daily or weekly communication. We used to get only paper submissions for most of the life of the All Media Contest. Now for most of the entries we need a cell phone to judge this category.

    But TRENDS identified this trend awhile ago. We changed the name of this contest from Publications to All Media because we knew that the digital communication revolution was coming. What used to be piles and piles and piles of entries, is now just piles and piles. Much of what we judge now is online or electronic. Whoever thought that the day would come when an association’s flagship publication or beautiful annual meeting marketing packages would approach sunset status?

    The All Media Contest winners will be honored at the annual TRENDS Salute to Association Excellence, Feb. 23 at the Capital Hilton in Washington. For details on all of the honorees who will be feted that day, and to register, click here. Don’t wait - this event routinely sells out!

    Texas is the latest state to consider a bathroom bill, and many in the association community are rallying against it, as they did in Indiana and North Carolina. Setting aside (but not dismissing) the emotional argument surrounding such legislation, from a purely economic standpoint, these bills/laws are a detriment to an association’s bottom line. Even if only a few attendees stay away, or one or two sponsors pull out or decide not to sign up, that’s lost revenue. In addressing the Texas bathroom bill, ASAE EVP Susan Robertson said ASAE - which takes a strong stance against such legislation - isn’t going to tell you where to have your meeting, and they shouldn’t, it’s not their business. So faced with such situations, it’s up to an association’s leaders to really know and understand their constituencies, and the fallout - if any - to the association or industry it represents when deciding to hold your meeting in a place with such laws.

    Most reasonable people will not dispute a decision based on finances, one way or the other, I think.

    How sad to learn of the death of Bree Anne Sutherland, 37, the learning director at the Association Forum. She died along with her sister Laurel Ashley, 41, in a motor vehicle accident on Dec. 26. Services were held last week. Bree Sutherland is survived by her companion Greg Duncan, and the sisters are survived by their parents and many other relatives. Memorial contributions may be made to Howard Branch, Cass District Library, 2341 Yankee, Niles, MI 49120.

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