December 18, 2017
    Listen up, executives!

    You have to hear perspectives for a clearer vision, Thinking Aloud, by Ed Dalere

    By Ed Dalere | 02/09/2017

    At a recent lunch with several top association CEOs, it was pointed out that common traits of their leadership skills was their ability to listen, to bring together different factions, and to know their limits and surround themselves with people “who are smarter than me.” 

    Of all of those, I think listening is probably the most important, although one can argue that all three pretty much share the same plane. But listening (as opposed to taking orders, which is not listening) allows you to hear your members, or staff, or colleagues or your board. When you have all of their perspectives, you can then ruminate on it and then come to an informed opinion. This in turn leads to seeing a clear path for the executive to take his or her association. As one executive put it, “I see the right way to go, I just have to get people to follow me. Sometimes, kicking and screaming.”

    How many of you value the art of listening? Do you feel confident when you don’t hear a perspective straight from the horse’s mouth? How many of your members have you lost because maybe they felt they weren’t being heard?

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