November 17, 2017
    Why you will need our new Association CEO Compensation Report

    Thinking Aloud

    By Ed Dalere | 10/13/2016

    TRENDS strives to bring association leaders the most useful news and information in the association space. We have created important reports that track interests and trends, everything from taking the PULSE of the association community, to a look at finances and operations, trends in social media, and even the best places to base your fly-ins in Washington.

    For the past several years, many associations have relied on The Compensation Report, a TRENDS-published guide to salaries and benefits of nearly 200 association and nonprofit staff positions, from chief staff executive to administrative support - in some years, we even listed the salary trends for “driver.” That’s how comprehensive this report is. In addition to the national and D.C.-only versions, we publish customized regional reports, as well.

    TRENDS is now taking compensation information to the next level: This month we will publish our first Association CEO Compensation Report. This report centers on association chief staff executive compensation information only, a perfect resource for when executives must support their salary and benefits levels and requests to the board. 

    There are many compensation guides out there for association executives, but the information we provide makes our report an instant must-have. What sets the Association CEO Compensation Report apart is, besides the accumulation of data on 2,000 associations:

    - More in depth compensation information, cross-tabulated by both industry and budget size. Includes base salary, bonus and other forms of compensation.

    - Board of directors practices and compensation information not found in others’ reports.

    - A purchase includes the opportunity to receive a custom benchmark CEO compensation report, which, for eligible customers, includes CEO compensation information for other associations with the same region, tax classification, organization type, industry and annual revenue size. With the custom benchmarking report, your board will have CEO compensation figures tailored to its exact position among peer groups, allowing for much more informed compensation decisions.

    The article published in this issue of TRENDS is a preview of the kind of additional information besides salaries and benefits that can be found in the Association CEO Compensation Report. Also, Duncan Bell, editorial and data services director for Columbia Books & Information Services, parent company of Association TRENDS, will present a deeper dive on the report at a TRENDS Live Breakfast next week in Alexandria, Va. Registrants for the breakfast will receive a discount on the on-site purchase of the Association CEO Compensation Report. We also will raffle a free report. To attend this breakfast, click here

    Later, we will schedule a webinar on the Association CEO Compensation Report.

    Get your copy of the Association CEO Compensation Report now, in time to plan your salary budget for next year!

    On a related note, TRENDS will conduct its first Nonprofit Finance & Accounting Summit, Nov. 15-16 in Washington. This is a must-attend event for those looking to strengthen their financing skills and know-how. Details and to register, click here.

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