November 18, 2017
    9 top-read articles in 2013

    If the numbers show anything, what TRENDS readers want from TRENDS is, well, trends: what millennials want at a tradeshow, on the challenges of travel, how nonprofits communicate – the information executives need to make informed and/or tough decisions.

    But who would have thought the top-read article had something to do with paranormal activity? [Editor’s note: We did not include articles on TRENDS honors, such as Executive of the Year, or on many of our reports that dominate our open rates.]

    RIP Henry and Bill: Henry Ernstthal was considered by many to be the dean of executive thought in the association community. An ace provocateur, he got into your head so that he can mix things up, to get you to think differently and bigger.

    Bill Taylor was the gentleman workaholic. He had vision to know when to put a good thing to use and when to try something that could work or at least you could learn something if it didn’t. His soft demeanor camouflaged a honed business acumen.

    New report: Young millennials seek job motivation at meetings, and there is no evidence that the relevance of face-to-face meetings will wane among the Gen-Ys, according to the report "Generational Differences in Face-to-Face Interaction Preferences and Activities," by the Center for Exhibition Research.

    How did organizations communicate in 2013? Smaller nonprofits are partial to events and email. Bigger groups favor media relations/PR and print marketing, according to the 2013 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report, produced by

    TRENDS’ own Association Social Media Report 2013 found that the American Diabetes Association is the top-performing association in social media. Also, the top- performing associations per outlet are Facebook – Professional Association of Diving Instructors; Twitter – Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences; and more.

    IRS announces changes to Form 990, 990-EZ. Among the significant changes to and new requirements in the Form 990: report name(s) of the management company or companies or other person(s) performing management duties; describe the services they provided to the organization; and list of people who received compensation from the association, among other changes.

    ASAE cuts frequency of member magazine and introduces an a la carte approach for digital content, including choice of frequency. It was a business decision to publish Associations Now every other month, and go daily with news content.

    Laptops stay in case, shoes stay on in new airport expedited screening. The Transportation Security Administration heard the complaints about air travel, and made it easier for eligible passengers to participate in its Precheck program.

    And the No. 1 read article in TRENDS in 2013 was about...A foundation's headquarters where things go bump in the night. The Octagon House, on the campus of the American Institute of Architects, is a former 19th-century mansion that is now a museum as well as a rentable venue for business meetings and social receptions. It also houses the AIA Foundation. But locally it’s known as one of the most haunted houses in D.C. Visitors have seen ghostly candlelit shadows on the stairs where two of the original owner’s daughters fell to their deaths, some say at the hands of their father. Others have heard screams of tortured slaves, or seen ghostly footmen. Some have even smelled lilacs, the favorite perfume of Dolley Madison, who lived there after the White House was burned in the War of 1812.

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