December 17, 2017
    Ads Exceedingly Popular Source of Income for Associations

    Over 3/4 of executives report ads as a non-dues revenue stream


     It should come as no surprise that over three fourths of association executives report advertising as a non-dues revenue stream. In the annual TRENDS Financial and Operational Excellence (FOX) Survey, ad revenue tops the list as the most popular source of non-dues income, tied only with annual meeting registrations.

    Much of this can be attributed to the variety of advertising opportunities that associations encounter. Articles, webinars, newsletters, conferences, websites, coffee mugs, tote bags—all of these offer associations ample opportunity to sell their brand. When such opportunities are around every corner, it is difficult to refuse them.

    Yet the option to sell ad space wouldn't be taken if it weren't cost effective. Data from the Angerosa Research Foundation, which conducts research on behalf of association marketing and publishing professionals, reveal just how worthwhile it really is. The foundation's latest study shows that ads in print media alone account for 73% of associations' mean non-dues revenue. Numbers like that not only defy the supposed impending death of print media, but also prompt one to wonder whether there will ever be a day when associations could manage without ads. For now, that day seems distant.

    The Angerosa Research Foundation report, Association Media Nondues Revenue - Trends & Metrics, is available online at

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