November 17, 2017
    AMS Fest becomes part of the TRENDS family

    Event founder Carden will co-produce upcoming event in November


    Two years ago, Teri Carden was relaxing with friends in the association business when the conversation turned to association management systems. They all spoke of their AMS challenges when Carden mentioned there should be an event where executives can go to talk just about AMS. Everyone around the table said they would attend such an event.

    And that is how AMS Fest was born. Now, five fests later, each one increasingly bigger and better than the previous, the biennial event will reach for a new, higher plateau as Carden has sold AMS Fest to Association TRENDS, a division of CBIS.

    “The association community has embraced this event and for that I’m so grateful. TRENDS is the perfect match for AMS Fest and I can’t wait to see how this game-changer event will evolve with the momentum they can put behind it,” Carden said.

    AMS Fest brings together association executives, AMS consultants and technology providers to discuss association management software. Topics include what is and isn’t working, what’s innovative and new, CRM vs. AMS, middleware, integrations, and more. Executives who attend usually include those who are actively looking to replace their AMS or are about two years away from starting their search.

    For an idea of how fast it has grown in size and stature, the first AMS Fest two years ago attracted 75 participants and five AMS sponsors. The latest AMS Fest, in Chicago earlier this year, attracted 200 participants and 16 AMS sponsors, with several education sessions and AMS demonstrations. The next AMS Fest will be Nov. 13-14 in Washington, and will be jointly produced by Carden and TRENDS.

    CBIS president Brittany Carter said, “AMS Fest was a natural fit with TRENDS’ already robust training offerings for association professionals. Teri has done an incredible job of developing this conference and we’re excited to have it become part of TRENDS.”

    In addition to the magazine and website, the TRENDS brand has expanded into events, including the second annual Nonprofit Finance Summit, Sept. 12-13 in Chicago; and launching this year Learnapalooza, Oct. 3-5 in Washington, an event about association education. Also launched this year was Membership2020 with Sarah Sladek of XYZ University. The first was held in Washington earlier this year, and because of that event’s success, another Membership2020 was added on Nov. 8 in Atlanta. The TRENDS brand also offers webinars, workshops and online learning, in addition to compensation reports - national, D.C. area only, and an executive only compensation report.

    As for Carden, selling AMS Fest has freed up her time to pursue a new venture with partner Ben Martin, CAE, called 100Reviews. Based on the model, which also is a business venture of Carden’s and Martin’s, 100Reviews creates review sites for associations and their industries.

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