November 20, 2017
    Boomers strong on giving, Gen Yers demand more accountability

    Want to increase or at least stabilize your donations? Target the Baby Boomer crowd. Giving by Baby Boomers makes up the largest plurality of all dollars donated, according to Next Generation of American Giving, a recent study on charitable giving and engagement behaviors produced by fundraising technology provider Blackbaud, Charleston, S.C.

    Baby Boomers are responsible for 43 percent of all dollars donated. The rest of the donations are split between Matures, Gen Xers and Gen Yers.

    Other key findings:

    • Majority of Americans give, but overall giving remains relatively flat – 60 percent of Gen X and Y, 72 percent of Boomers and 88 percent of Matures donate to charity. However, most donors say the amount they give and the number of charities they will give to in the near future will remain the same (59 percent and 70 percent respectively).

    • Boomers dominate charitable giving and will do so for the foreseeable future – Baby Boomers represent the largest donor group numerically, and as a result donate the most dollars to charity (43 percent of all dollars donated).

    • Gen Y demands the most accountability from nonprofits – Nearly 60 percent of Gen Y identified the ability to directly see the impact of their donation as a critical part of the decision process – this tails off with the older generations.

    • Social service charities, houses of worship and health organizations are supported by the largest percentage of donors across all generations, however, interesting trends emerged across the generations:
    - Gen Y is the least likely to support local social services
    - Gen X and Gen Y are more likely to support children’s charities
    - Boomers and Matures are more likely to support veterans’ causes
    - Gen Y is less likely to support environmental causes
    - Gen X and Gen Y are more likely to support human rights and international causes. Details:

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