November 20, 2017
    Communications directors are paid best in the Southeast

    But what do they get per budget size?


    Association and nonprofit communications directors outgun their counterparts across the country in terms of salary by as much as $36,000 on average, according to the TRENDS 2013 Compensation Report. Communications directors in the Southeast, which includes the nation’s capital, earn on average $85,063, nearly $36,000 more than their counterparts in the West, who earn an average of $49,592 (see chart). Washington is commonly accepted as the capital of associations in the U.S., where average salaries for association executives and professionals usually are higher than most other regions in the U.S.

    Within the D.C. area, communications directors at associations in Washington earn on average $127,267, compared to $99,780 at associations with headquarters in the Maryland suburbs. Association communication executives in the Virginia suburbs of D.C. earn $96,520.

    As you can assume, the bigger the budget, the higher the salaries. Communications executives who work at an organization with a $200 million budget earn much more than their counterparts who work at a group that has a budget of less than $1 million: $100,298 vs. $40,206. The TRENDS 2013 Compensation Report is available at

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