November 19, 2017
    Execs: Traveling made better...because you've designed it that way

    The United Airlines debacle aside, travel is a stressful experience even for the most savvy executive. That’s why he or she has determined those things that make business travel better and increasingly find they cannot do without.

    We asked executives what the deal-breakers are when they make their travel arrangements:

    Direct flight/total travel time. Nobody likes to make transfers, not even one transfer. But if you can’t find a direct flight, a “connection with reasonable time between flights” is the next best thing, one executive said. Also travel time was a factor for one executive.

    WiFi access, free even better. Access is very nearly commonplace, but there are still many hotels that do not offer this service for free. Also, facilities that do not have good connection, or no connection. “Seriously, who does that?!” one incredulous executive said.

    Location, location, location. In many ways, such as, “Location in close proximity to international flights with no more than one layover,” one executive said. Also, booking a hotel close to where an executive needs to be. And, one executive selects to go somewhere that allows for a “multipurpose trip,” such as a speaking engagement, visiting with a member and doing research all in the same city.

    Hotel amenities. Breakfast included at the hotel and early check-in were among factors noted when executives make hotel reservations.

    Flight plusses. Cost - we spend hours online, looking for the best price in your preferred class, hoping we can still go back to the special-special deal that’s offered on one site, because we have to at least look to see if a better price is offered on another site. Securing a first-class upgrade and no regional jets - "Upgrades - if I can get them, I want them,” one executive said. Comfortable seating - One executive doesn't like the little planes that you're sometimes forced to take. "Maximum comfort...I'll pay for it," she said.

    Meeting purpose, ability to repurpose learning or content - If the main reason you’re traveling and staying in hotels does not fit your own goal or ability, there’s absolutely no reason to travel at all. Good point!

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