December 16, 2017
    F.L.Y. Guide: TRENDS 2017 Fly-In/Legislative Day Yearly Guide

    Hotels in Washington Popular for Association Legislative Days

    By Chris Orange | 10/05/2017

    At Association TRENDS we know that planning a successful Washington D.C. legislative fly-in is a painstaking task. There are many different factors to consider when reserving event space for a legislative fly-in in Washington, D.C. Hotels across the city vary in their capacity, cost, location, and even staff competency, knowledge, and experience with legislative fly-ins. 

    To help ease the burden of your lobby-day venue decision, Association TRENDS has completed the 2017 Fly-in/Legislative Day Yearly Guide (F.L.Y. Guide), the most comprehensive ranking report of fly-in/lobby day venues in our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C.

    The F.L.Y. Guide was completed using multiple criteria to determine our final rankings. First, the Trip-Advisor and Yelp rankings for each hotel were collected and were averaged together for a combined score. 

    Second, Association TRENDS called each hotel to determine the ease of the planning process and the level of experience and knowledge with Fly-ins that the hotel staff had. These phone calls, while subjective, result in the “secret shopper” score and get factored into the final F.L.Y. Guide results. 

    Third, Association TRENDS utilized our in-house fly-in experts at the Advocacy Day Assistant App to provide insideranalysis of the best hotel options for hosting a legislative fly-in. 

    The Grand Hyatt Hotel remains in top spot. In 2015 the hotel went through a period of remodeling and the results have paid off. The Grand Hyatt’s numerous experience with hosting legislative Fly-ins has led us to maintain its claim to the “Most Knowledgeable for Legislative Day Protocol” superlative. 

    In second place is the Hyatt Regency Capitol Hill. The Hyatt Regency also wins two of our superlatives. Based on its in-house fly-in expertise, the hotel also managed to edge ahead of the Liaison Capitol Hill hotel for “Best Logistics.” The Liaison’s location is comparable to the Hyatt Regency in regards to proximity to Capitol Hill.

    The Marriott Wardman Park continues to take the top prize for the “Best Accommodations and Meeting Rooms.” Best Logistics go to the Hyatt Regency Capitol Hill, and Most Knowledgeable for Legislative Day Protocol is the Grand Hyatt. See chart below for overall listings, in descending order.

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