December 15, 2017
    Nominations accepted for the TRENDS 2014 Young & Aspiring Association Professionals

    TRENDS is pleased to announce that the nomination process for the Young & Aspiring Association Professionals is now open.

    The TRENDS honor is the most exclusive for young association professionals across the country, beginning with a nomination from executives, colleagues and peers.

    The successful candidates will be announced in the TRENDS August 2014 issue, which will be distributed at the ASAE 2014 annual meeting. Later, the Young & Aspiring Association Professionals will be honored on the national stage at the TRENDS Salute to Association Excellence, THE association event in Washington.


    - 40 or younger by Aug. 1, 2014
    - been in association management for at least five years, but does not have to be contiguous
    - preferably a CEO/executive director, but we will consider all nominations
    - involved in the association community as a volunteer at the local, regional, state or national level
    - demonstrated leadership either at work or as a volunteer in the association community
    - is a present and a future leader in the association community.

    Nominations should be a narrative of any length, and should include any information you believe will help the nominee achieve the honor.

    NO SELF-NOMINATIONS. The nomination should come from a CEO or other executive, a colleague or a peer. The nomination can come from a workplace colleague or a professional acquaintance, such as a fellow volunteer. Please provide contact information for a professional who will second the nomination.

    Nominations can be either in a text document, preferably Word, or in the body of an email. Do not send a nomination as an image, such as a PDF or JPG.

    Nominations are due by midnight PT June 20, 2014. No exceptions.

    Send nominations to TRENDS editor Ed Dalere at

    Subject line: Nomination for TRENDS 2014 Young & Aspiring Association Professional

    Questions? Email Ed Dalere at or 240-235-0274.

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