November 22, 2017
    Overtime changes are coming: Tips on how to prepare

    Talking points and a helpful tipsheet for HR executives


    The U.S. Labor Department’s proposal to overhaul overtime regulation will affect associations as employers. The proposal will increase the salary level an employee must meet to be considered exempt from overtime pay from $455 per week to $970 per week in 2016 (based on salary projections). That number would increase regularly by a yet undetermined mechanism. This proposal may cause consternation, but it also provides an opportunity for employers to take some constructive steps in preparing for upcoming changes.

    So what should employers do? The Smart HR Manager blog offers talking points for HR professionals to convince your executives that this is important enough to start thinking about now, and tips for practical steps you can take to get ready for any pending changes. There’s no better time to clean house, before the regulations are made final and the Labor Department turns its focus to enforcement strategies. Read more at Smart HR Manager here.

    For a “Tipsheet for Coping with Pending FLSA Overtime Changes,” click here.

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