November 22, 2017
    Saved from drowning as a boy, association partner finally finds his heroes

    After 44 years, Andy Steggles has closure and a new perspective on appreciation


    When Andy Steggles was 3 years old and living in England, he wandered out of his family’s backyard, which was just a few feet from a creek. What happened next is every parent’s nightmare: Unattended and unknown that he had even slipped out, the toddler lost a boot in the babbling water with the little waterfall. He tried to retrieve it, but instead got pulled under, his head caught beneath a low branch.

    A man walking by, Peter, heard people screaming about a body in the river, and rushed to save the little boy, but pulled out a lifeless Andy. Just then, a woman, Anne, appeared and proceeded to perform life-saving CPR, instructing Peter what to do, as well.

    It took three times before little Andy finally came to and stayed alert. 

    That was 44 years ago. Steggles now lives in the U.S. and is president and co-founder of Higher Logic and a past TRENDS Association Partner of the Year. And he finally has met his saving heroes and thanked them in person. 

    But it might never have occurred.

    Steggles had been searching for much of his adult life for Anne and Peter, who didn’t know each other when the incident occurred. Even as technology progressed, and after hiring a private investigator, his searches usually dead-ended. At the suggestion of someone who had been helping him, he contacted the newspaper that ran the original story about his rescue. Unbeknownst to Steggles, the newspaper published an article about his search. Anne’s brother read the article and immediately recognized the woman described in it as his sister. The BBC also picked up the story. Peter was settled into his breakfast routine when he saw the report on a morning news show.

    Eventually Steggles was able to meet and spend time with both. He’s become close with Anne, who tragically was widowed before Steggles found her, and whose brother died a short time after he fatefully read that article. The meetings were captured by the BBC. See the emotional reports below and Steggles first-person account here.

    “If it weren’t for [Anne and Peter] there wouldn’t be a Higher Logic, there might be another company. There wouldn’t be my children. I owe them my life,” he said.

    One thing he’s realized through all of this: “I’ve always tried to be nice and say thank you to people, but now it’s really important for me to show someone how much I appreciate them, and this is something we all should do.”

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