November 20, 2017
    TRENDS Tech 10

    Technology leaders in the association space


    Technology is the spine of any operation, yet it is often overlooked when accolades are distributed. Association TRENDS created this recognition for those who have made great strides and impressions with their knowledge, instinct and success in technology, either hands-on or in management.

    Adrienne Bryant, CAE

    Bryant is the member information and database manager for the Association of Florida Colleges, and is passionate about technology and innovation. So much so, that she presents on technology advances and trends – a lot. She’s participated in roundtables, presentations and speaking. Most recently she’s been presenting on technology as a disrupter, in a good way. She’s also presented on big data, virtual communication tools, business intelligence and so on. Someone told us that she is still using tips Bryant gave on technology on a shoestring budget years later.

    Maddie Grant, CAE

    Grant is one of the most well-known experts in digital strategy in the nonprofit space, through speaking engagements, writing and consulting. Her firm is Culture That Works, and she is also an editor at SocialFish, one of the preeminent blogs on social media pointed at the association community. She is a past TRENDS Young & Aspiring Association Professional. The buzz at the moment is her book When Millennials Take Over; Preparing for the Ridiculously Optimistic Future of Business, which she co-authored with Jamie Notter.

    Reggie Henry

    ASAE is known for its forward-thinking, technology being at the top of the list. A large reason for that is due to the efforts of Henry, ASAE’s chief information officer. It’s a heavy load to set the standard for the rest of the association community, but Henry successfully meets that challenge. When he’s not overseeing internal technology for ASAE, you can find him speaking and presenting at many events, including the ASAE Technology Conference. You can also catch him consulting with the likes of the Secretary of the Smithsonian. Not bad.

    Maggie McGary

    McGary is the communications and public relations manager for the Society of Fire Protection Engineers, for which she spearheaded a website redesign and a digital publication. For more than a decade she’s been known in the association space as a sought-after expert for her knowledge on online community building and content management. Many also know her by her nom de plume, Mizz Information, an informative and entertaining blog she writes on social media strategy. She’ll next be presenting at ASAE Tech.

    Tom Morrison

    The mark of an effective association executive in part is to know when and how to invest in technology to advance your association. As CEO of Metal Treating Institute Management, Morrison has taken MTI from nearly no use of technology to having technology enhance every aspect of operations: integrated AMS with social community; developed a search platform for members; created an LMS to replace in-person training and recently enhanced it for mobile-friendly; built a customized benchmarking system, and also a customized database.

    Gary Shapiro

    At the helm of the Consumer Technology Association since 1991, Shapiro oversees one of the most visible and influential associations in the country. The organization recently underwent a name change from the Consumer Electronics Association, a reflection of Shapiro’s forward leadership. Another example: the recent launch of CTA’s Disruptive Innovation Council to support innovative companies that are disrupting traditional business models, such as Boingo, Expedia, Inc., Google, GoPro, Lyft, MC10, Nest, Pandora, Uber, WebMD and Yelp. 

    Michaelle Shultz

    As VP and chief technology officer for Association of Corporate Counsel since 2008, Shultz has had to stay on top of technology, and by all accounts, she has and quite successfully. She introduced RFID technology to the ACC annual meeting before such technology was commonplace in the association space. Recently she spearheaded the technology to connect ACC and the Australian Corporate Lawyers Association, the link to finalize the new alliance. Also she is known for her patient demeanor when explaining technology to nontechies. 

    Prabhash Shrestha, PMP, CAE

    Shrestha is the technology VP at the American Gastroenterological Association, and has worked for a few other nonprofits in his past. At each association, he was known for advancing the group’s technology while saving costs. Currently he is working on AGA’s first digital and health IT strategy to improve member care of patients.  He shares his knowledge and experiences with others, as a mentor and as a  volunteer on several tech councils. He is well-respected and well-known by association professional and supplier alike. He also was an ASAE DELP scholar.

    Andy Steggles

    Steggles is president and chief customer officer of Higher Logic and one of the most recognizable members of the association community. A frequent speaker and presenter, he has helped nonprofits understand the power of online communities, and of course, helped to build them, as well. He just published the 2015 Community Benchmarking Report, and he also edited and wrote Social Networking for Nonprofits: Increasing Engagement in a Mobile and Web 2.0 World. Steggles also is a past TRENDS Association Partner of the Year.

    Amy Sample Ward

    As CEO of NTEN: Nonprofit Technology Network, Ward oversees the nonprofit where millennials, Gen-Xers and boomers go for discussions on beyond-the-edge technology. In 2015, NTEN launched the Digital Inclusion Fellowship program, to help address the digital divide. She’s also a speaker, author and trainer. Among the books she’s written is 2013’s Social Change Anytime Everywhere: How to implement online multichannel strategies to spark advocacy, raise money, and engage your community, co-authored with Allyson Kapin. 

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