November 17, 2017
    Why they started the Association of Women in Events

    An interview with founding members Carrie Meadows Abernathy and Mary Higham - VIDEO


    Association of Women in Events founding board held its first meeting at the Washington Hilton on July 23. Among the AWE founders are Mary Higham (right) and Carrie Meadows Abernathy, who discussed with Association TRENDS why AWE was created and their vision for the association. Click here to watch the interview.

    Below, founding AWE board members are, from Left, Kiki Janssens (founder), Doreen Biela, Dana Freker Doody, Julie Sullivan, Johnnie White, Barbra Gustis, Terri Toennies, Anna Gebert, Cedric Calhoun, Mary Higham (founder), Eris Sims, Marissa Maybee, Dan Traver, Andrea Peterson, Melinda Kendall, Cattleya Wongtongkatap, Nicole Unger, Dionne Maniotes Hulsey, Tamela Blalock (Founder), Carrie Abernathy (founder) and Brad Weaber (facilitator). Not pictured: Mas Tadesse Harris (founder), Rachel Wimberly, Alisa Peters, Stephanie Selesnik, Richelle Wilkins.

    Association TRENDS