Saturday, August 01, 2015

When Issue Advocacy Meets PR:
Tapping PR savvy tactics to turbo-charge your campaigns
Recorded on June 19, 2014




What makes or breaks issue advocacy?

Today, success comes down to public relations savvy. That’s because PR “channel mastery” can lift your message out of the noise while tactics like social media and live events give legs to issue campaigns.

Now, let an expert show you how to bring PR and issue advocacy together for an edge in wooing—and winning—your audience.

Purchase the OnDemand Recording of When Issue Advocacy Meets PR: Tapping PR savvy tactics to turbo-charge your campaigns . In this strategy-packed webinar, PR guru Peter LaMotte draws on his expertise as one of America’s leading digital marketing experts to arm you with tactics you can use immediately to improve your campaign’s visibility, credibility, engagement and success.

Take the guesswork out of what works.  You’ll come away with a set of proven PR principles you can use to guide every aspect of your issue advocacy campaign. From engaging your constituencies to winning support, you’ll be confident you’re using nothing but the smartest and most effective tactics.

Purchase the OnDemand Recording for hands-on guidance on how to incorporate a strong PR component into issue advocacy campaigns, including:


  • The importance of “permanent events,” and how to use them to give legs to your issue campaign
  • Best strategy for utilizing a range of different channels to reach stakeholders
  • Why issue-specific micro sites are key to success—and how to manage them
  • Secrets for making your message visible and compelling
  • How to use social media as an extension of your website and communications plan


Remember, whether your issue advocacy campaign is targeting the 2014 midterm elections or key pieces of legislation, there’s no margin for guesswork.


Meet Your Trainer


Peter LaMotte, Senior Vice President & Chair, Digital Communications Practice, LEVICK – Peter leads the award-winning digital team at LEVICK, bringing the richest, most diverse digital talent and resources to bear on behalf of firm clients worldwide. A proven digital marketing and strategy leader, he is well-known for his ability to help clients drive adoption, change and understanding through unique combinations of digital strategies and channels. His client experience includes success with dozens of diverse brands including AARP, NEA, Sony, Kraft, Colgate Palmolive, Yahoo!, and Audio-Technica. He was formerly President and CEO of GeniusRocket in Washington DC, where he pioneered online and television advertising based on a crowdsourced agency model.


Who Will Benefit


This webinar is for anyone with a stake in issue advocacy campaigns run by nonprofits, corporations, law firms, PR firms, or small lobby shops, including:

  • Government relations staff
  • Advocacy directors
  • PAC directors
  • Membership staff
  • Marketing and communications staff

Purchase the OnDemand Recording for When Issue Advocacy Meets PR: Tapping PR savvy tactics to turbo-charge your campaigns  and bring all the right tactics together for success.