Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Nonprofit Investing & Policy Development
Utilizing Peer Best Practices to Get Stronger
Recorded on August 7, 2014



Like for-profit businesses, nonprofits need healthy portfolios and smooth financial operations.

Many nonprofits, however, don’t even have an actual investment strategy. Instead, financial decisions about everything from reserve policies to how assets are allocated are made piecemeal and without benchmarking against what other nonprofits are doing.

Stop operating in the dark! It’s time to build your investment strategy on what works for nonprofits. Here’s where to start …

Purchase the recording now of Nonprofit Investing & Policy Development: Utilizing Peer Best Practices to Get Stronger.  Led by Dennis Gogarty, an expert on wealth management for NFPs, this 90-minute webinar shows nonprofits how to use today’s latest benchmarking data to build healthier portfolios and stronger financial operations.

Practical, proven ways to strengthen investment policies. Step by step, Gogarty simplifies financial decision making for your nonprofit. You’ll return to the office ready to use insights on the asset management and strategic approaches proving most successful for other nonprofits to improve your own cash allocation models, segmentation, reserve policies and other investment practices.

Purchase the recording now to translate best practices from across a wide spectrum of nonprofits into your own best strategy for seeking strong, consistent rewards, including:

  • How much to hold in reserve in relation to your budget
  • Your smartest strategy for segmenting total reserves into operating, short-term and long-term assets
  • How to allocate long-term reserve among stocks, bonds and alternatives
  • How to make effective decisions involving investment policies
  • How to factor income diversity into asset allocation
  • Best NFP practices for cash segmentation

Purchase the recording now of Nonprofit Investing & Policy Development: Utilizing Peer Best Practices to Get Stronger so you can be confident that you’re making good investment decisions.

Meet Your Trainer

Dennis Gogarty is the President of Raffa Wealth Management. A consultant to the nonprofit sector since 1994, he joined Raffa in 2002 specifically to provide investment advice and qualified retirement services to a select group of nonprofits. Dennis has been active in promoting the need for increased investment education in the nonprofit sector ever since, and his passion is in helping to simplify the investment process and empower investors and fiduciaries to be more involved in investment decision making. Dennis is a graduate of Georgetown University’s Certificate in Financial Planning Program and a member of ASAE’s Finance and Business Operations Section Council and the Greater Washington Network.

Who Will Benefit

This webinar is of value to everyone involved with nonprofit finance. Remember, your entire team can attend for one flat price so be sure to include:

  • CFOs, CPAs and COOs at associations and nonprofits
  • Executive Directors
  • Accounting Staff
  • Board Chairs & Members

Don't wait, purchase today to get the information you need to develop sound investing policies at your nonprofit!

Qty. Price Product Name
$215.00 Nonprofit Investing & Policy Development: OnDemand Recording
$1297.00 The Association Webinar Training Pass(Includes 12 months of unlimited live and archived webinars)