Rules & Regulations

All you need to know to enter the TRENDY Awards.

Eligibility: Items produced by or for national, regional, state and local associations and nonprofits between Nov. 1, 2018 and Nov. 30, 2019. Eligible organization types include associations, professional societies and nonprofits. Suppliers who work on media products for these organizations may also enter on behalf of the association, society or nonprofit. NOTE: Suppliers who enter on behalf of their clients must include complete information for their own organization AND their client organization.

Entry Deadlines & Fees

Entry Fees:

  • Early Bird Entry Fee (ends Nov 09, 2019) $95.00 per entry and per category
  • Late Entry Fee (Ends December 10, 2019) $135.00 per entry and per category

Entry Deadlines:

  • Earl Bird Deadline: Nov 09, 2019 by 11:59 pm EDT
  • Final Deadline: Dec 10, 2019 by 11:59 pm EDT


Print, online, broadcast, electronic and audio/visual entries are accepted for all categories. Websites and social media are acceptable for Categories 21 and 22 respectively. If your entry requires a username and/or password, please remember to include it with your entry.

**All entries must include a physical sample. ** Entries received without required information in the requested format will be disqualified.

How to enter multiple entries:

Entering multiple entries in the same category:
Each entry must have its own entry fee and all of the required information. For example, if you want to submit three different editions of a monthly magazine, you must submit three entry fees and three hardcopies with affixed cover sheets.

Entering the same item in multiple categories:
Some entries may fit into more than one category. If you wish to submit your piece into multiple categories, you must treat each entry as a unique unit with its own entry fee, physical sample, etc. For example, if your organization’s Educational Program (Category #20) is also part of your Membership Promotion Kit (Category #15) and you would like to enter it twice, you must submit two entry fees and two physical samples with affixed cover sheets.

Checklist for a complete entry

If all items are not included from the list below, your entry will be disqualified.

1. Entry Title:
Please use the formal title of your entry. This is the title that will be used on all awards for winning entries. NOTE: This is not the title of your organization.

2. Entrant Information:
Please provide complete contact information: 1) Name of contact 2) Name of organization 3) Phone number 4) Email address 5) Organization address. Please make sure that all information corresponds to one individual within your organization. Only the organization’s name and the item entry title will be printed on the award

3. Credit information:
If you have partnered with an outside supplier or vendor that you would like to recognize, please provide their information in “credits” during the entry process. Please do not include additional staff directly employed by your organization.

4. Statement of Purpose:
While not required, it is recommended that you provide at least a paragraph explaining your entry and why it deserves to win. There are no minimums or limits for length. Please affix this document to your physical sample.

5. Physical Samples:
DO NOT MOUNT OR ENCASE IN SLEEVES OR BINDERS. A physical sample of each entry is required. If your entry wins, the physical sample that you provide us will be displayed at the 2018 Salute to Association Excellence. Please do not staple, tape or glue any pages or documents to your physical sample. We recommend using an appropriately sized binder clip to attach the required cover sheet to your sample. For “most improved” entries, please send samples of both the before and after. For any electronic entries such as a website, video, or social media page, you must either take a screen shot of the entry, printed and sent to us, or you must send a flash drive, CD or DVD. All samples become the property of Association TRENDS.

All samples must be sent to Association TRENDS, Attn: TRENDY Awards, 1560 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 825 Arlington, VA 22209 on or before Friday, December 10, 2019. Entries without a physical sample will be disqualified. Physical samples without a cover sheet will also be disqualified.

6. Cover Sheet:
Each entry must be sent with its appropriate cover sheet. This sheet is available to print after submitting your entry online. This cover sheet includes required information you need to supply in order to have your entry(ies) be considered: entry title, entry ID, category, organization name, contact name. For multiple entries, print the cover sheet for each and include with each physical sample.

General Judging Guidelines:

  • Suitability for the audience
  • Design attributes
  • Quality of production
  • Quality of content with “eye-catching” or unusual material that engages the audience
  • Use of up to date information with a contemporary look and feel
  • Lack of errors
  • Ease of navigation through the publication, media kit, etc.

Notification of Winners:

Those who created the entrant account will be notified by e-mail. Winners will be announced in February 2020 and will be featured online and at the 41st Annual Salute to Association Excellence Luncheon in March 20, 2020. We will announce all of the winners and the 2019 Pinnacle Award live at the 41st Annual Salute to Association Excellence.


  • By credit card: Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and Discover
  • By check: Write a single check for the total amount of entries, made payable to “Columbia Books.” Print out your online payment page and attach to check. Send check in the same package with samples.

Where do I send samples and check payments?

Association TRENDS
Attn: TRENDY Awards
1560 Wilson Boulevard
Suite 825
Arlington, VA 22209.


Call: 1-888-265-0600

TERMS AGREEMENT – IMPORTANT! By submitting an entry, you agree to the terms as set in these rules. Also, you claim the authority to grant, and do so grant permission to Association TRENDS, a division of Columbia Books to use the image of the entered publication or product, plus any information submitted on the entry form, in any promotional or other related use pertaining to the TRENDY Awards and Salute to Association Excellence program before, during and after the events.