October 18, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronym Organization Namesort descending Website
    CRA Colorado Restaurant Association http://www.coloradorestaurant.com
    CRC Colorado Retail Council http://www.coloradoretail.org
    CREDA Colorado River Energy Distributors Association http://www.creda.org
    CROA Colorado River Outfitters Association http://www.croa.org
    CRPA Colorado Rock Products Association http://www.crmca.org
    CREA Colorado Rural Electric Association http://www.crea.coop
    CRWA Colorado Rural Water Association http://coloradoruralwater.sharepoint.com
    CSA Colorado Safety Association http://www.coloradosafety.org
    CPGA Colorado Section PGA http://www.coloradopga.com
    CSGA Colorado Seed Growers Association http://seeds.colostate.edu
    CSAPN Colorado Society of Advanced Practice Nurses http://csapn.enpnetwork.com
    CSA Colorado Society of Anesthesiologists http://www.csa-online.org
    CSAE Colorado Society of Association Executives http://csaenet.org
    COCPA Colorado Society of Certified Public Accountants http://cocpa.org
    CSH Colorado Society of Histotechnology http://coloradohisto.org
    CSOM Colorado Society of Osteopathic Medicine http://www.coloradodo.org
    CSIA Colorado Software and Internet Association http://coloradotechnology.org
    CoSEIA Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association http://coseia.org
    CSHA Colorado Speech-Language-Hearing Association http://cshassoc.org
    CSTMA Colorado Sports Turf Managers Association  http://cstma.org
    CSFFA Colorado State Firefighters Association http://www.csffa.org
    CSG Colorado State Grange http://coloradogrange.org
    CSMA Colorado State Managers Association http://www.csma.info
    CSSGA Colorado Stone, Sand and Gravel Association http://www.cssga.org
    CTRN Colorado Talent Recruitment Network http://www.ctrn.org
    CTRN Colorado Technical Recruiters Network http://www.ctrn.org
    CTA Colorado Technology Association http://www.coloradotechnology.org
    CTA Colorado Telecommunications Association http://www.colotelecom.com
    CTLA Colorado Trial Lawyers Association http://ctlanet.org
    CVMA Colorado Veterinary Medical Association http://www.colovma.org
    CWC Colorado Water Congress http://www.cowatercongress.org
    CWWCA Colorado Water Well Contractors Association http://www.cwwca.org
    CWGA Colorado Women's Golf Association http://cogolf.org
    CWBA Colorado Womens Bar Association http://cwba.org
    CWGA Colorado Wool Growers Association http://www.coloradosheep.org
    CWPMA Colorado-Wyoming Petroleum Marketers Association http://www.cwpma.org
    CSPA Columbia Scholastic Press Association http://cspa.columbia.edu
    CSBA Columbia Sheep Breeders Association of America http://columbiasheep.org
    CAPA Columbus Association for the Performing Arts http://capa.com
    CHPA Combat Helicopter Pilots Association http://chpa-us.org
    COMISS COMISS Network - The Network on Ministry in Specialized Settings http://comissnetwork.org
    CIANJ Commerce and Industry Association of New Jersey http://cianj.org
    CBA Commercial Brokers Association http://commercialmls.com
    CDLI Commercial Dental Laboratories of Indiana http://www.cdli.net
    CFA Commercial Finance Association http://cfa.com
    CFESA Commercial Food Equipment Service Association http://cfesa.com
    CLLA Commercial Law League of America http://clla.org
    CLLA Commercial Law League of America http://clla.org
    CREW-WDC Commercial Real Estate Women - Washington DC Chapter http://crewdc.org
    CREW Commercial Real Estate Women Network http://crewnetwork.org


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