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Empower Your Leadership: Navigating IT Strategies for Non-Technical Leaders

In an era where technology underpins every facet of business, C-Suite executives are tasked with the pivotal role of steering their organizations through digital transformation. “Empower Your Leadership: Navigating IT Strategies for Non-Technical Leaders” is crafted for association executives allowing them to harness the full potential of technology to drive their business forward. Facilitated by…

Analysis of State of Membership Organization Survey Results

The 2024 State of Membership Survey results are in, and they are telling. In this analysis we take a closer look at a few key points of data to extract additional insights into critical areas such as where work gets done by association professionals and the current status of association initiatives. Additionally, how are associations…

Public Affairs EOY Reporting Template

Reporting sounds simple, but in reality one of the most challenging tasks for public affairs teams is approaching how to quantify your work: It can be equally challenging to understand the policy landscape: How to Approach Reporting Conversations Reporting is useful to help you interpret the policy landscape, understand your impact, and develop your strategy. But it…

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