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6 Steps to Nonprofit Cost Recovery

Are you struggling with knowing those hidden costs for your nonprofit? On average when organizations take on a grant, they are immediately in a 20% deficit. At uProfyt, we specialize in helping nonprofits navigate the complexities of understanding your true cost of service. Our team of experts can help you: Download this free 6 Step…

Prioritize Interoperability & Ensure a More Harmonious Future eBook

We’ve all heard that communication is the key to success in personal and professional relationships; the relationships between information systems are no different. By ensuring your AMS can effectively “talk”—meaning send, receive, and process data—with other core systems, you will better position your association for success now and into the future. Click here to discover…

Tap Into Your Greatest Natural Resource for Economic and Membership Growth

Natural resources are things that come from our environments to create wealth, opportunity, and growth inside our institutions. There is a natural resource membership organizations and associations are rich with that can help you create more economic outcomes for your organization: your members! Your members are a FREE resource to mine, to create engagement and…

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