October 23, 2014

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronymsort icon Organization Name Website
CSAP Council of State Speech-Language-Hearing Association Presidents http://csap.org
CSAPN Colorado Society of Advanced Practice Nurses http://csapn.enpnetwork.com
CSATP California Society of Accounting and Tax Professionals http://www.csatp.org
CSAVR Council of State Administrators of Vocational Rehabilitators http://rehabnetwork.org
CSAVR Council of State Administrators of Vocational Rehabilitators http://rehabnetwork.org
CSAWWA American Water Works Association - Chesapeake Section http://www.csawwa.org
CSBA Columbia Sheep Breeders Association of America http://columbiasheep.webs.com
CSBA California School Boards Association http://www.csba.org
CSBA California Small Business Association http://www.csba.com
CSBS Conference of State Bank Supervisors http://www.csbs.org
CSC California Strawberry Commission http://www.calstrawberry.com
CSCA Central States Carwash Association http://www.carwashnetwork.net/index.cfm?fuseaction=venue.
CSCA California State Coroners Association http://coroners.org
CSCAA College Swimming Coaches Association of America http://cscaa.org
CSCJ Council of Superior Court Judges of Georgia http://www.cscj.org
CSCMP Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals http://cscmp.org
CSCPA Connecticut Society of Certified Public Accountants http://www.ctcpas.org
CSCR Central Society for Clinical Research http://www.cscr.com
CSCSW California Society for Clinical Social Work http://clinicalsocialworksociety.org
CSCTFL Central States Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages http://csctfl.org
CSCTR Central Society for Clinical and Translational Research http://www.cscr.com
CSDA California Special Districts Association http://www.csda.net
CSDA Connecticut State Dental Association http://www.csda.com
CSDA Child Support Directors Association of California http://www.csdaca.org
CSDA Child Support Directors Association http://www.csdaca.org
CSDA Concrete Sawing and Drilling Association http://csda.org
CSE Council of Science Editors http://councilscienceeditors.org
CSEA California State Employee's Association http://www.calcsea.org
CSEA California School Employees Association http://members.csea.com
CSEA Civil Service Employees Association http://cseany.org
CSEA Connecticut State Employees Association http://seiu2001.org
CSEA California Society of Enrolled Agents http://www.csea.org
CSEE Center for Spiritual and Ethical Education http://csee.org
CSEP Connecticut Society of Eye Physicians http://www.connecticutsocietyofeyephysicians.com
CSF College Savings Foundation http://collegesavingsfoundation.org
CSF College Savings Foundation http://collegesavingsfoundation.org
CSFA California State Firefighters Association http://www.csfa.net
CSFA California State Floral Association http://www.calstatefloral.com
CSFA Connecticut State Firefighters Association http://csfa.org
CSFF Commercial Space Flight Federation http://commercialspaceflight.org
CSFFA Colorado State Firefighters Association http://www.csffa.org
CSFPA California State Foster Parent Association http://csfpaonline.org
CSG Council of State Governments http://www.csg.org
CSG California State Grange http://www.californiagrange.org
CSG Colorado State Grange http://coloradogrange.org
CSG Connecticut State Grange http://www.ctstategrange.org
CSG-WEST Council of State Governments - WEST http://csgwest.org
CSGA Colorado Seed Growers Association http://seeds.colostate.edu
CSHA California Speech-Language-Hearing Association http://www.csha.org
CSHA Colorado Speech-Language-Hearing Association http://cshassoc.org
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