April 17, 2014

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronym Organization Name sort icon Website
CCPA California Canning Peach Association http://www.calpeach.com
CCPA California Canning Peach Association http://www.calpeach.com
CCDA California Career Development Association http://www.ccdaweb.org
CCMA California Cast Metals Association http://www.foundryccma.org
CCA California Cattlemen's Association http://www.calcattlemen.org
CCOF California Certified Organic Farmers http://www.ccof.org
CCSA California Charter Schools Association http://www.calcharters.org
CCHA California Children's Hospital Association http://www.ccha.org
CCA California Chiropractic Association http://www.calchiro.org
CCTA California Christmas Tree Association http://www.cachristmas.com
CCM California Citrus Mutual http://www.cacitrusmutual.com
CCM California Citrus Mutual http://www.cacitrusmutual.com
CRB California Citrus Research Board http://www.citrusresearch.org
CCA California Cleaners Association http://www.calcleaners.com
CCPB California Cling Peach Board http://www.calclingpeach.com
CCLA California Clinical Laboratory Association http://www.ccla.info
CCLEA California Coalition of Law Enforcement Associations http://www.cclea.org
CalCom California Communications Association http://calcomassn.org
CCMCA California Conference of Mason Contractor Associations, Inc. http://www.ccmca.org
CALCIMA California Construction and Industrial Materials Association http://www.cmac-ca.org
CCTA California Construction Trucking Association http://www.calcontrk.org
CCEA California Continuation Education Association http://www.cceanet.org
CCCA California Contract Cities Association http://www.contractcities.org
CCPOA California Correctional Peace Officers Association http://www.ccpoa.org
CCSO California Correctional Supervisors Organization, Inc. http://www.ccsonet.org
CCA California Cosmetology Association http://www.the-cca.com
CCGGA California Cotton Ginners and Growers Associations http://www.ccgga.org
CCAE California Council for Adult Education http://www.ccaestate.org
CCAH California Council for Affordable Housing http://www.californiacouncil.com
CCEEB California Council for Environmental and Economic Balance http://www.cceeb.org
CCIDC California Council for Interior Design Certification http://www.ccidc.org
CCCMHA California Council of Community Mental Health Agencies http://www.cccmha.org
CC/ASLA California Council of the American Society of Landscape Architects http://www.asla-californiacouncil.org/index.html
CCA California Counseling Association http://www.cacounseling.org
CCSESA California County Superintendents Educational Services Association http://www.ccsesa.org
CCA California Court Association, Inc. http://www.calcourt.org
CCBA California Craft Brewing Association http://www.californiacraftbeer.com
CCUCC California Credit Union Collectors Council http://ccucc.com
CCIA California Crop Improvement Association http://ccia.ucdavis.edu
CCFC California Cut Flower Commission http://www.ccfc.org
CCFC California Cut Flower Commission http://www.ccfc.org
CDHIA California Dairy Herd Improvement Association http://www.cdhia.org
CDAC California Date Administrative Committee http://www.datesaregreat.com
CDC California Defense Counsel http://www.califdefense.org
CDA California Dental Association http://www.cda.org
CDA California Dental Association http://www.cda.org
CDHA California Dental Hygienists' Association http://www.cdha.org
CDLA California Dental Laboratory Association http://www.cdla.org
CDG California Dentists Guild http://www.cadentistsguild.org
CDC California Dialysis Council http://www.californiadialysis.org
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