April 17, 2014

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronym Organization Name sort icon Website
HPhA Hawaii Pharmacists Association http://www.hipharm.org
HPA Hawaii Pilots Association http://www.hawaiipilots.net/welcome
HPMA Hawaii Podiatric Medical Association http://www.podiatristshawaii.com
HPMA Hawaii Psychiatric Medical Association http://www.hawaiipsychiatry.org
HPA Hawaii Psychological Association http://www.hawaiipsychology.org
HRA Hawaii Restaurant Association http://restauranthi.com
HSCPA Hawaii Society of Certified Public Accountants http://www.hscpa.org
HSBA Hawaii State Bar Association http://www.hsba.org
HSTA Hawaii State Teachers Association http://www.hsta.org
HTA Hawaii Transportation Association http://www.htahawaii.org
HVMA Hawaii Veterinary Medical Association http://www.hawaiivma.org
HVCB Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau http://www.hvcb.org
HEC Hawaiian Executive Conference http://www.hec-hawaii.org
HLC Hawkeye Labor Council, AFL-CIO http://www.hawkeyelabor.org
HeSCA Health and Sciences Communications Association http://hesca.net
HMCW Health and Medicine Counsel of Washington http://www.hmcw.org
HCAA Health Care Administrators Association http://hcaa.org
HCAM/MCAL Health Care Association of Michigan and Michigan Center for Assisted Living http://www.hcam.org
HCANJ Health Care Association of New Jersey http://www.hcanj.org
HCCA Health Care Compliance Association http://hcca-info.org
HCEA Health Care Education Association http://hcea-info.org
HFAM Health Facilities Association of Maryland http://www.hfam.org
HF Health Forum http://healthforum.com
HIBCC Health Industry Business Communications Council http://hibcc.org
HIDA Health Industry Distributors Association http://hida.org
HIGPA Health Industry Group Purchasing Association http://www.higpa.org
HIRA Health Industry Representatives Association http://hira.org
HMA Health Ministries Association http://hmassoc.org
HOSA Health Occupations Students of America http://hosa.org
HPS Health Physics Society http://hps.org
HSLC Health Sciences Libraries Consortium http://www.hslc.org
HAH Healthcare Association of Hawaii http://www.hah.org
HANYS Healthcare Association of New York State http://www.hanys.org
HBMA Healthcare Billing and Management Association http://hbma.org
HCPC Healthcare Compliance Packaging Council http://hcpconline.org
HCEA Healthcare Convention and Exhibitors Association http://hcea.org
HDMA Healthcare Distribution Management Association http://www.healthcaredistribution.org
HDMA Healthcare Distribution Management Association http://healthcaredistribution.org
HFMA Healthcare Financial Management Association http://hfma.org
HIMSS Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society http://himss.org
HINJ Healthcare Institute of New Jersey http://www.hinj.org
HLC Healthcare Leadership Council http://hlc.org
HCMA Healthcare Management Association of Massachusetts http://www.massache.org
HSCA Healthcare Supply Chain Association http://supplychainassociation.org
HHCANY Hearing Health Care Alliance of New York http://www.hhcany.org/portal
HHPCA Hearing Healthcare Providers California http://www.hhpca.org
HIA Hearing Industries Association http://hearing.org
HLAA Hearing Loss Association of America http://hearingloss.org
HFSA Heart Failure Society of America http://hfsa.org
HOAPPA Heart of America Professional Photographers Association http://www.hoappa.com
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