October 20, 2014

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronymsort icon Organization Name Website
MBAM Mortgage Bankers Association of Missouri http://mbamo.org
MBAG Mortgage Bankers Association of Georgia http://www.mbag.org
MBAF Mortgage Bankers Association of Florida http://www.mbaf.org
MBAC Mortgage Bankers Association of the Carolinas http://www.mbac.org
MBAA Master Brewers Association of the Americas http://mbaa.com
MBA/MW Mortgage Bankers Association of Metropolitan Washington http://mbamw.org
MBA-NJ Mortgage Bankers Association of New Jersey http://www.mbanj.com
MBA Massachusetts Bar Association http://www.massbar.org
MBA Midwest Booksellers Association http://www.midwestbooksellers.org
MBA Mortgage Bankers Association of America http://www.mbaa.org
MBA Maryland Bankers Association http://www.mdbankers.com
MBA Missouri Bankers Association http://www.mobankers.com
MBA Michigan Bankers Association http://www.mibankers.com
MBA The Mortgage Markets Association http://www.mbaa.org
MBA Massachusetts Bankers Association http://www.massbankers.org
MBA Minnesota Bankers Association http://www.minnbankers.com
MBA Minnesota Broadcasters Association http://www.minnesotabroadcasters.com
MBA Maine Bankers Association http://www.mainebankers.com
MBA Midlantic Business Alliance http://www.mbainc.org
MBA Montana Bankers Association http://www.montanabankers.com
MBA Massachusetts Broadcasters Association http://www.massbroadcasters.org
MBA Missouri Broadcasters Association http://www.mbaweb.org
MBA Montana Broadcasters Association http://www.mtbroadcasters.org
MBA Mississippi Bankers Association http://www.msbankers.com
MB Mississippi Bar http://www.msbar.org
MAWG Minnesota Association of Wheat Growers http://www.smallgrains.org
MAVA Mid-Atlantic Venture Association http://www.mava.org
MATRA Mid-Atlantic Tent Renters Association, Inc. http://www.matramembers.org
MATO Montana Association of Theatre Owners http://www.rmtheatreconvention.com
MATDA Mid-America Tire Dealers Association http://www.matda.org
MATCD Maryland Association of Tobacco and Candy Distributors http://www.awmanet.org/page/state-and-regional-associations
MATA Missouri Association of Trial Attorneys http://www.matanet.org
MATA Massachusetts Academy of Trial Attorneys http://www.massacademy.com
MAT Marina Association of Texas http://www.marinaassociationoftexas.com
MAT Michigan Association of Timbermen http://timbermen.org
MAT Minnesota Association of Townships http://www.mntownships.org
MASWCD Missouri Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts http://www.maswcd.net
MASWCD Minnesota Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts http://www.maswcd.org
MASW Missouri Association for Social Welfare http://www.masw.org
MassTLC Mass Technology Leadership Council, Inc. http://www.masstlc.org
MassRWA Mass Rural Water Association http://www.massrwa.org
MassPAC Massachusetts Association of Special Education Parent Advisory Councils http://fcsn.org/masspac/home/membership/
MASSP Minnesota Association of Secondary School Principals http://www.massp.org
MASSP Maryland Association of Secondary School Principals http://www.md-massp.org
MASSP Missouri Association of Secondary School Principals http://www.moassp.org
MASSP Michigan Association of Secondary School Principals http://mymassp.com
MassMEDIC Massachusetts Medical Device Industry Council http://www.massmedic.com
MassAging Massachusetts Aging Services Association http://www.massaging.org
MASS Mississippi Association of School Superintendents http://www.superintendents.ms
MASS Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents http://www.massupt.org
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