April 17, 2014

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronym Organization Name sort icon Website
MAFCA Model A Ford Club of America http://www.mafca.com
MARC Model A Restorers Club http://www.modelaford.org
MGSA Modern Greek Studies Association http://mgsa.org
MLA Modern Language Association http://mla.org
MBI Modular Building Institute http://www.modular.org
MBI Modular Building Institute http://modular.org
MBSA Modular Building Systems Association http://www.modularhousing.com
MBSC Modular Building Systems Council http://arcat.com/arcatcos/cos37/arc37423.html
MCA Mohair Council of America http://mohairusa.com
MMI Money Management Institute http://moneyinstitute.com
MMA Monorail Manufacturers Association http://mhia.org/industrygroups/mma
MSBA Montadale Sheep Breeders Association http://montadales.com
MAFP Montana Academy of Family Physicians http://www.montanaafp.org
MABA Montana Agricultural Business Association http://www.mtagbiz.org
MAMA Montana Airport Management Association http://www.flymontana.org
MACOP Montana Association of Chiefs of Police http://www.macop.com
MAC Montana Association of Churches http://www.montana-churches.net
MACD Montana Association of Conservation Districts http://www.macdnet.org
MACo Montana Association of Counties http://www.mtcounties.org
MAHCP Montana Association of Health Care Purchasers http://www.mahcp.info
MAR Montana Association of REALTORS http://www.montanarealtors.org
MARLS Montana Association of Registered Land Surveyors http://www.marls.com
MASBO Montana Association of School Business Officials http://www.masbo.com
MATO Montana Association of Theatre Owners http://www.rmtheatreconvention.com
MTATA Montana Athletic Trainers Association http://www.mtata.org
MTADA Montana Automobile Dealers Association http://mtada.com
MBA Montana Bankers Association http://www.montanabankers.com
MBC Montana Beef Council http://www.montanabeefcouncil.org
MBPA Montana Bowling Proprietors Association http://www.bowlmontana.com
MBA Montana Broadcasters Association http://www.mtbroadcasters.org
MBIA Montana Building Industry Association http://www.montanabia.com
MAPTA Montana Chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association http://www.mapta.com
MCA Montana Chiropractic Association http://www.mtchiro.org
MCC Montana Coal Council http://montanacoalcouncil.com
MCMOA Montana Coin Machine Operators Association http://www.amoa.com/state-associations/state-association-
MCA Montana Contractors' Association http://www.mtagc.org
MCOC Montana Council of Cooperatives http://www.montanacouncil.coop
MCAA Montana County Attorneys Association http://www.mtcoattorneysassn.org
MCUN Montana Credit Union Network http://www.mcun.coop
MDTL Montana Defense Trial Lawyers http://www.mdtl.net
MDA Montana Dental Association http://www.mtdental.com
MECA Montana Electric Cooperatives Association http://www.mtco-ops.com
MEDA Montana Equipment Dealers Association http://www.mtequipmentdealers.com
MFBF Montana Farm Bureau Federation http://mfbf.org.preview.s3.agtown.com/controller/home?_load=default
MFBF Montana Farm Bureau Federation http://mfbf.org
MFU Montana Farmers Union http://www.montanafarmersunion.com
MFA Montana Florists Association http://mtfloristassc.com
MFDA Montana Food Distributors Association http://www.mfda.biz
MFDA Montana Funeral Directors Association http://www.mfda.net
MGS Montana Geological Society http://www.montanags.com
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