April 16, 2014

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronym Organization Name sort icon Website
NJLM New Jersey State League of Municipalities http://www.njslom.com
NJSNA New Jersey State Nurses Association http://www.njsna.org
NJSSC New Jersey State Safety Council http://www.njsafety.org
NJSSNA New Jersey State School Nurses Association http://www.njssna.org
NJSSA New Jersey State Society of Auctioneers http://www.njssa.com
NJSSPA New Jersey State Society of Physician Assistants http://www.njsspa.org
NJSA New Jersey Subcontractors Association http://www.njsubcontractors.org
NJTC New Jersey Technology Council http://www.njtc.org
NJTMA New Jersey Tooling and Manufacturing Association http://www.njtma.com
NJTIA New Jersey Travel Industry Association http://www.njtia.org
NJTA New Jersey Turfgrass Association http://www.njturfgrass.org
NJUA New Jersey Utilities Association http://www.njua.com
NJVMA New Jersey Veterinary Medical Association http://www.njvma.org
NJWMA New Jersey Warehousemen and Movers Association http://www.njwma.org
NJWA New Jersey Water Association http://www.njwater.org
NMAFP New Mexico Academy of Family Physicians http://www.familydoctornm.org
NMAPA New Mexico Academy of Physician Assistants http://nmapa.com
NMAA New Mexico Activities Association http://www.nmact.org
NMAF New Mexico Advertising Federation http://aafnm.org
NMABE New Mexico Association for Bilingual Education http://www.nmabe.net
NMAHHC New Mexico Association for Home and Hospice Care http://www.nmahc.org
NMACC New Mexico Association of Community Colleges http://www.nmacc.net/NMACC.html
NMACD New Mexico Association of Conservation Districts http://www.nmacd.org
NMAC New Mexico Association of Counties http://www.nmcounties.org
NMAG New Mexico Association of Grantmakers http://nmag.org
NAIFA-NM New Mexico Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors http://www.naifanet.com/page.cfm?usr=340000&pageid=3142
NMACD New Mexico Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts http://www.nm.nacdnet.org
NMADA New Mexico Automotive Dealers Association http://www.nmada.org
NMBA New Mexico Bankers Association http://www.nmbankers.com
NMBC New Mexico Beef Council http://www.nmbeef.com
NMBA New Mexico Broadcasters Association http://www.nmba.org
NMCGA New Mexico Cattle Growers Association http://www.nmagriculture.org
NMCNE New Mexico Center for Nursing Excellence http://www.nmnursingexcellence.org
NMCC New Mexico Conference of Churches http://www.nmchurches.org
NMCDLA New Mexico Criminal Defense Lawyers Association http://www.nmcdla.org
NMDLA New Mexico Defense Lawyers Association http://www.nmdla.org
NMDA New Mexico Dental Association http://www.nmdental.org
NMDHA New Mexico Dental Hygienists Association http://www.nmdha.org
NMFLB New Mexico Farm and Livestock Bureau http://www.nmfarmbureau.org
NMFSA New Mexico Funeral Service Association http://www.nmfsa.org
NMGA New Mexico Grocers Association http://www.nmga.qwestoffice.net
NMGWA New Mexico Ground Water Association http://www.nmgwa.org
NMHCA New Mexico Health Care Association http://www.nmhca.org
NMHSCA New Mexico High School Coaches Association http://www.nmhsca.com
NMHBA New Mexico Home Builders Association http://www.nmhba.com
NMHBA New Mexico Horse Breeders Association http://www.nmhorsebreeders.com
NMHA New Mexico Hospital Association http://www.nmhanet.org
NMIADA New Mexico Independent Automobile Dealers Association http://www.nmiada.com
NMIGA New Mexico Indian Gaming Association http://www.indiangaming.com/associations
NMIDEA New Mexico Industrial Development Executives Association http://www.nmidea.org
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